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27. The Siren in the Dead City (Part 3)

Out of the frying pan, into the sky.

Content Notes: Fire SFX (6:55-7:15, 26:25-26:35), Death (48:20-48:50), Yelling (56:00-56:15, 1:08:45-1:08:50), Very Squeaky Laughter (58:20-58:30) 

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??? voiced by David S. Dear:

Music Credits

"Quest Friends! Hereafter Theme" by Miles Morkri:

"All Ears On Me - Vocals" by Alicia Orozco:

"shop_door_bell.wav" by 3bagbrew (license):

"Spooky Halloween Night Cut D" by AdiGoldstein:

Additional Music from Motion Array:

Additional SFX by FilmCow:

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