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Building Roulettia: Week 2

My Goal: By the end of the month, write a 5+ page Cypher System module containing everything a GM would need to run an adventure in Roulettia.

Week 2: Organize these notes in a Google Doc, isolate areas where more details/content are needed, and fill in those blanks.

One week.

I made it one week before going off the rails which, honestly, I'm a little proud of.

While I did successfully transfer all the module information over into a Google Doc that is currently 5263 words long, and I have isolated the missing details (depletion information for 12 items, 4 completely new items, information on 6 creatures/enemies, information on 4 NPCs, benefits from working with 1 organization, and 3 pre-gen characters), instead of just filling out those fields, I spent this past week alternating between entering information and writing the information I already have in a more appealing way. On one hand, this helped keep things fresh, as I was writing about what I was most interested in at the moment. On the other hand, this resulted in wasted time when I didn't know what to write, as I'd just keep scrolling between sections waiting for the ethereal "inspiration." In an attempt to keep the benefits of this week and minimize the drawbacks, I've decided to proceed by writing the contents of the book in the order they'll appear, front to back. In addition, I've chosen to forego the one-shot adventure module, instead focusing on a free Cartesan module I can release for free if I have time. This is both for time's sake, and because Cartesian can be released as a "demo" of sorts for what a full-fledged location module would look like. Since this upcoming week is Thanksgiving, I'll also be combining weeks 3 & 4 together.

My new goal:

Weeks 3 & 4: Write the remainder of the book front to back, then ask the cast of Quest Friends for feedback. While waiting for feedback, work on a Cartesian mini-module.

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