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Ep. 0: Welcome to the Hereafter

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your death! Not quite sure what's going on? That's common for new residents. Let's fill you in on the details.

Content Note: Harsh SFX (28:00-28:10)

The questions answered in today's episode are:

  • 02:28 - Who are you people?

  • 04:53 - What's a podcast?

  • 06:36 - What's an actual play?

  • 11:00 - What roleplaying system are we using?

  • 20:02 - What's the setting and premise of Quest Friends! Hereafter?

  • 24:06 - Who are our main characters?

  • 28:44 - When (and how) will our episodes release?

Play Under the Neighborhood:

Music Credits

"Quest Friends! Hereafter Theme" by Miles Morkri:

"Derp Away" by Liam Priestnall:

Additional Music from Motion Array:

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