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Ep. 73: Xoc's Memory, Part 2

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Xoc and Loell form their first adventuring parties. It doesn't end well.

Listen as our heroes:

WITNESS their shared past!

BREAK bread!

CROSS the point of no return!

Content Warnings: Food (1:55-7:25, 32:30-33:15, 1:00:55-1:01:40), Spiders (25:10-29:10, 54:55-55:15), Death & Violence (26:50-29:10, 50:20-58:50), Forced Alcohol Use (33:25-34:00, 34:45-36.25), Harsh SFX (36:25-36:40, 55:45-56:05)


Kyle Decker as Loell:

Chase Beck as Mako:

Trisha Mellon as Mauve:

Sarah Doreen MacPhee as Sue Strongarm:

Fiona MacKinnon as The Professor:

Caleb Smedra as Marv Strongarm

Colette Feehan as Inuki:

TK Cooper as Commander TJ:

TRANSCRIPT (Coming Soon!)

Music Credits

"One Way Home" by Whitesand:

"Rain on Windows, Interior, A.wav" by InspectorJ:

"Ambience, Creepy Wind, A.wav" by InspectorJ:

"mechanic_old_cog_chain_medieval_gate_metal_wood_impact_m10.wav" by johanwestling:

"Something Wicked" by Ross Bugden:

Additional Music from Motion Array:

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