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Ep. 80: The Obsidian Cloud, Part 7

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

As the Apocrita rains down on the Weal, all anyone can do is try to survive.

Listen as Ness and the NPCs:

FEEL the bite of a spider!

EXPERIENCE an actual door knock!

FIGHT for their lives!

Content Warnings: Deadly Violence, Fire, Volume (6:15-6:44, 14:10-15:15, 30:00-30:30, 1:01:10-1:02:00), Harsh/Overwhelming Sound (16:55-17:05, 46:20-51:30), Dismemberment (31:45-31:55)

Watch Hallie GM for The Omniverse Chronicles on Monday, September 6th from 7-10PM CDT:

Join us for our finale and Q&A stream on Saturday, September 25th:

Participate in our audience survey:

Stephen Rogers voiced by Rob from Totalus Rankium:

TRANSCRIPT (Coming Soon!)

Music Credits

"Ambience, Creepy Wind, A.wav" by InspectorJ:

"UI Completed Status Alert Notification SFX002.wav" by Headphaze:

"Derp Away" by Liam Priestnall:

"Soe (Remix)" by Derris-Kharlan:

Additional Music from Motion Array:

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