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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Apple Podcasts Listeners

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Due to new Apple Podcast policies (specifically, a soft ban on episode numbers and "poor-quality metadata), "Quest Friends!" may be removed from the platform. We considered adjusting our naming structure to fit the new policies, but we ended up deciding that doing so would make the show less approachable and harder to maneuver. As a result, Apple Podcasts may remove our feed, assuming they do not back down on these new policies. New episodes are announced on our twitter, tumblr, and Facebook, and we'll be providing updates to this situation on those platforms, as well.

The full email can be found here:


We just received an (unfinished) email from Apple Podcasts, claiming that the thing they said they were going to do isn't actually the thing they're going to do. In short, our show is safe, and you can continue listening to it on Apple Podcasts!

The email we received reads as follows: "Dear Podcast Provider,

We’ve received a lot of questions about metadata best practices on Apple Podcasts. We want to provide more details and clarification as you think about improving your show’s metadata.

Your Show Won’t Be Removed for Having Episode Numbers in Episode Titles

Starting with iOS 11 in September 2017, we introduced modern RSS tags to improve podcast metadata. These tags include support for seasons, trailers, and episode numbers. The new tags help us present your show to your listeners on Apple Podcasts and present listening data to you in Podcast Analytics.

We encourage you to use the tag to send us your episode numbers. If you decide to include episode numbers in your episode"

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