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LISTEN TO THESE: Women in Tabletop Gaming/Pride Month

Hi! Let’s talk about lady things and queer stuff. 

June has been both Pride Month and Women in Tabletop Gaming Month, and the role play community has been celebrating in our typical fun, nerdy, creative fashion. In honor of the final days of June, here are a few links related to Pride Month and Women in Tabletop Gaming Month:


Tales from the Fandom is where Women in Tabletop Gaming Month actually began, so if you enjoy this event, go give these awesome peeps some love. Gaming can be a tough place to be a lady; the fact that they organized a celebration of women in the community is really wonderful.

General Website: http://talesfromthefandom.com

Event website: http://womenintabletopgaming.com


RPG Casts is the largest database of roleplaying podcasts. You can easily sort to find shows featuring women, non-binary folks, LGBTQ+, and people of color, which is pretty darn neat! The site's owner also runs a podcast called "I Am Hear," which, in the host's own words, " is a platform where women, non-binary people, people of colour, and members of the LGBTQ+ community tell their stories and talk about what inspires them to play/create/listen/run RPGs."

Website: http://rpgcasts.com

I Am Hear: http://iamhearpodcast.com


The RPG Lab has been doing a bunch of cool stuff for both Women in Tabletop Gaming Month and Pride Month, hosting many, MANY all-women games during this month!

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/therpglab


Rainbows are great; rainbow dice that donate part of each sale to Rainbow Railroad, an organization that helps LGBTQ+ individuals escape violence, are even better!

Product Link: https://dicebard.com/product/priderainbow-dice/ Info about Rainbow Railroad: https://www.rainbowrailroad.ca

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