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New Miniseries: The Cookie Crew!

Years after the Coup of Ancuan, Queen Anastasia Brackleberry has a housing problem. Her pesky next-door neighbors, the Pyranthion Empire, have seemed mighty keen on staying true to their name, preparing an offensive to take over Queen Brackleberry's kingdom by force (and right after she got it back, too!).

Luckily, this Queen is prepared, sending out an eclectic task force comprised of a false magician, a stalwart mechanic, and a double-edged diplomat.

Their mission is simple:

-Drive up to the Pyranthion Empire's front door.

-Warm their hearts with home-made cookies.

-Save the world.

Quest Friends: The Cookie Crew is a brand new miniseries that will be releasing every other Monday. The first episode comes out on Monday, September 10th!

A corkboard with a picture of three women in a Volkwagen van. The text reads "Quest Friends: The Cookie Crew"
Artwork created by the wonderful Mandy Robertson!

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