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NPC Showdown!

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

It's March, which means that basketball fans all around the United States of America are assembling their brackets for the unfortunately-named "March Madness!" But why let them have all the fun!?

That's why we at Quest Friends are introducing the "Quest Friends NPC Showdown," where all of your favorite side characters battle for the coveted role of "fan favorite."

Starting Friday, March 1st at 5 PM CDT, we'll be putting up polls on our twitter account, where users can vote for the NPC they like most! After each round of voting, we'll update this webpage with the results and our "professional" commentary. For the qualifier round, two pairs of NPCs will compete each day, with 24 hours allowed for voting, but as time goes on, matches will get even longer, giving you time to fight for your fave!

But what's a tournament without good, old-fashioned custom brackets? While you're waiting for the qualifiers to complete, download our printable bracket, fill it out with your faves, then share the result to the world using the hashtag #NPCshowdown.

We'll see you at the polls!

A tournament bracket, labeled "Quest Friends NPC Showdown!"


Final Round (24 votes): Soe Wins! (25% Mauve, 37.5% Loell, 37.5% Soe)

Loell and Soe tied in votes, but Soe fans came out in droves to support our favorite daughter! Soe officially wins the title of "Fan Favorite Character..." for 2019, at least!


First Round (10 votes): Mauve and Loell Tie! (50% Mauve, 50% Loell)

Second Round (16 votes): Soe Wins! (31% Everett, 69% Soe)

"GOD" -Tom, who forgot to vote for Mauve

"Why can't there be a three-way final in sports? Imagine the BEAUTIFUL CHAOS." -Ari

"*makes popcorn*" -Hallie


First Round (15 votes): Mauve Wins! (53% Mauve, 47% Misha's Scarf

Second Round (12 votes): Loell Wins! (25% PB&J, 67% Loell, 8% Fancy Tom, 0% Vera)

Third Round (11 votes): Everett Wins! (36% Madeline, 18% Anastasia, 46% Everett)

Fourth Round (14 votes): Soe Wins! (43% Hop's Dads, 57% Soe)

"[My comments] are all sad." -Hallie


First Round (15 votes): Mauve Wins! (60% Mauve, 40% Sue)

"NO!" -Emily

Second Round (10 votes): Misha's Scarf Wins! (70% Misha's Scarf, 30% Mac)

“My boii is going places” -Ari

Third Round (12 votes): Loell and PB&J Tie! (50% Loell, 50% PB&J)

"I am THRILLED that my PB-babies made it, but feel the need to specify that if this was roller derby my girls would have wiped the floor with Loell because he doesn't have a tangible body." -Hallie

Fourth Round (14 votes): Fancy Tom and Vera Tie! (50% Fancy Tom, 50% Vera)

"I voted Fancy Tom by mistake because I didn't look closely and thought he was Tommy Funbuck." -Tom

Fifth Round (12 votes): Madeline Jefferjames and Anastasia Brackleberry Tie! (50% Madeline, 50% Anastasia)


Sixth Round (13 votes): Everett Wins! (38% Jesse, 62% Everett)

"Everett refuses to go to award ceremonies on principle, so Jesse accepted the award on his behalf." -Kyle

Seventh Round (15 votes): Dad Alvin & Dad Theo Win! (67% Dads, 33% Lorraine)


Eighth Round (13 votes): Soe Wins! (46% Q-BO, 54% Soe, 0% MARSHAL)

"No, MARSHAL being here is not an error. Neither is absolutely nobody voting for him. It is the world operating as it should." -Kyle


First Round (12 votes): Muave Wins! (58% Mauve, 42% Mako)

"These NPCs are based off of PCs Kyle and I once played, so (as Emily so aptly pointed out to us) this match was really about Kyle vs me, and I'm JuSt So HaPpY fOr HiM" - Hallie

Second Round (11 votes): Misha's Scarf Wins! (64% Misha's Scarf, 36% Tready)

"I don't begrudge Misha's scarf winning." -Hallie

"I sense lots of salt." -Ari

Third Round (13 votes): Mac Wins! (46% Regular Bob, 54% Mac)

"[Ashen stares in through a window, wondering if he'll ever be able to compete. He won't.]" -Kyle

Fourth Round (14 votes): Loell Wins! (71% Loell, 29% Lady with Cinnabar Lips)

“I’m glad Cinnabar Lips didn’t win because she scares me” -Both Ari and MISHA

Fifth Round (14 votes): PB&J Win! (29% Penny Brothers, 71% PB&J)

"I feel as happy as Jonquil (alias: Jonkill) when she wins roller derby." -Hallie

Sixth Round (14 votes): Fancy Tom Wins! (79% Fancy Tom, 21% Tommy Funbuck)

"Honestly, I'm just impressed people can tell them apart. ...people CAN tell them apart, right?" -Kyle

Seventh Round (9 votes): Vera Wins! (78% Vera, 22% The Blue Fairy)

"We reached out to The Blue Fairy for her comments concerning Vera's victory. There was nothing she could say." -Kyle

Eighth Round (9 votes): Anastasia Wins! (0% Queen Armalu, 100% Anastasia Brackleberry)

"BEND THE KNEE." -Hallie

Ninth Round (13 votes): Jesse Wins! (69% Jesse, 31% Shauna)

"Nice." -Kyle

Tenth Round (9 votes): Everett Wins! (11% Don, 89% Everett)

"I said before we began: we all know how this is going to end." -Emily

Eleventh Round (12 votes): Dad Alvin & Dad Theo Win! (25% June, 75% Dads)

"I love June but YAY" -Hallie

Twelfth Round (12 votes): Lorraine Wins! (75% Lorraine, 25% The Great Vespari)

"Honestly, Vespari did a lot better than I expected. He performed terribly, but still!" -Kyle

Thirteenth round (10 votes): Q-BO and Soe Tie! (50% Q-BO, 50% Soe)

"WhAT?" -Kyle

Fourteenth Round (14 votes): MARSHAL Wins! (64% MARSHAL, 36% Aegon)

"This is an especially insulting victory when you remember that MARSHAL's whole deal was just following Aegon's/The Apocrita's orders." -Kyle

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