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NPC Showdown 2024: The Perfect Necromon Team

WE'RE BACK AT IT AGAIN! But this year, things are a little different.

Thanks to 2023's hiatus, we haven't actually introduced that many new NPCs this year, so instead of doing a repeat of last year, we're going to create a Necromon team!

The process is going to work as follows:

  • DRAFTS: Four mon will go up every day, and the top two votes will proceed to the next round.

  • FORMAT: We'll vote on how we want to diversify our team structure (do we want different elements, different stats, different levels of fuzziness?)

  • FINALS: Based on on the format we decide, the remaining 24 mon will be assembled into groups of 4. The winner of each group will be one member of our final team!

At the end, we'll have a team of six Necromon so strong that even Oset Scuba can't beat them! We don't have a bracket this time, but you can vote starting today at, and you can also share your ideal Necromon team by tagging us on the social media website of your choice!


First Round: Goomio vs. Odacova vs. Kingpecker vs. Towel

Second Round: Pokeyo vs. Necrocat vs. Delfini vs. Coreful

Third Round: Lillerwhip vs. Mirrim vs. Seahull vs. Mossies

Fourth Round: Sugarfleece vs. Squiggybug vs. Play-Doge vs. Dancing Mushrooms

Fifth Round: Boidelrat vs. Tardigrape vs. Kyrul vs. Pog

Sixth Round: Necrotermites vs. Io vs. Wardlet vs. Walks-tiki

Seventh Round: Skeptical vs. Pik Pik vs. Merdrum vs. Pansolin

Eighth Round: Rattleweed vs. Duck vs. Goom vs. Necrosnail

Ninth Round: Notyp vs. Beenie vs. Booker vs. Nicoteani

Tenth Round: Rocco vs. Mallea vs. Oik vs. Claus

Eleventh Round: Moneymoth vs. Necromouse vs. Kelassus vs. Leggay

Twelfth Round: Pirouribbit vs. White Eyes Blue Dragon vs. Pider vs. Laqua

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