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One Year Down - What About the Rest?

Two months ago, for our one-year anniversary, we asked listeners to fill out a survey about themselves and how they interact with our show. We’ve taken a look at the results, and have decided to move forward with some of the following changes.


This one is admittedly cheating a bit, as we’ve been assembling transcripts for a while. However, 25% of respondents noted that they would use transcripts if they were available, and one user went out of their way to express excitement that transcripts will be coming soon. Our current goal is to get transcripts out by the time Questionable Measures ends, which will be mid-February. If you would like access to the transcripts we have before then, please contact us at

Better Audio Quality

At four points in the survey (16%), listeners noted a desire for higher quality audio. While this might seem at first like a small amount, this was one of the only two areas where changes on our end were requested, which indicates to me that it’s our biggest area for growth in the show. Since the survey, I’ve taken steps to ensure everyone is recording in an optimal environment and have purchased sound-absorbing materials for each player. On my end, I’m going to rethink the adobe audition presets I use when editing audio, in particular making sure my aggressive pursuit of level audio and removed background noise doesn’t result in recordings that are electronic-sounding and echoey. After all, better to cut a line that has bad quality than spend forever trying to make it sound mediocre, potentially hurting the rest of the recording in the process.

Targeted Advertisement

A whopping 64% of respondents stated they found Quest Friends through our Adventure Zone Promo, as opposed to 20% word of mouth, 12% social media, and 4% other. This gives us two bits of important information. First, it reinforces our long-held belief that we have no idea how to social media (Fate and the Fablemaidens, a show with comparable download numbers, has almost 13x the number of twitter followers). While Kyle could spend money pursuing professional help with this (Lord knows we need it), he’s instead noticed that many other shows go out to cons, something Quest Friends currently doesn’t do. As a result, he’s made a goal to go to 2-3 cons over the course of 2019. The second piece of information we’ve gathered is that audio promos seem to be effective, but aren’t necessarily conveying our show in the best way. 43% of respondents noted that they originally decided to listen due to an interest in Numenera, but only 1 respondent chose to continue primarily due to our worldbuilding. Once folks decided to start listening to Quest Friends, 54% continued because of the characters, 33% because of the story, and 29% because of the cast’s chemistry, none of which were listed as reasons folks started the show. As a result, once Questionable Measures starts to wrap up, Kyle is planning on contacting podcasts with similarly tones with the goal of purchasing promo slots. These new promos will showcase both the world of Numenera (which is still a major pull, even if it isn’t why people stay) and the awkward, endearing cast of Quest Friends! He’s also planning on reaching out to podcast reviewers, who can spend more time conveying the tone of the show (in a hopefully positive light!).

An Overhaul to the Website

48% of respondents stated that they used our website, with 100% of those that did using it for bonus content (gallery, character sheets, etc.). Conversely, only one respondent used the website for listening to episodes, while one requested more content be created. In addition, our website has been shown to not get along with screen readers, and is generally a hassle to update. That’s why we’re going to update it! Using an accessible template from wix, the website we used to make, Kyle & Emily will rebuild the website from the ground up, with a greater focus on streamlining the things folks don’t use as frequently (listening to the show, reading episode recaps), and expanding on those things listeners do use (bonus content). We’ll also rethink how we handle blog posts and mailing lists, as both tend to get lost within the website. The new website should be up and running alongside new transcripts in Early 2019.

So that’s what our plans are! Thanks so much to anyone who responded to the survey - the responses were not only extremely helpful, but just really lifted our spirits, as well. We’re excited to share a second year with all of you!


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