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Quest Friends Birthday Bash 2019!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

All time. 49.8k

What. The. Hell.

Quest Friends! is almost 2 years old and has almost 50 THOUSAND downloads. We are absolutely blown away, and we want to PARTY.

So what are we going to do? Well...

September 20th, 8-10 PM CDT: Q&A Livestream

Just like last year, we'll be hosting a Q&A Anniversary Livestream over at This stream will be a 2+ hour time for all of us to get together and just hang out! Feel free to submit questions via social media, our contact page, or an official google form.

September 23rd: Quest Friends! The Red Hat Syndicate Table Read

Due to budget and time constraints, we realized about 10 seconds after announcing the Quest Friends! comic that there was NO WAY we'd be able to fund it. However, that doesn't mean we still can't share the story with you! So on September 23rd, we'll release an audio version of the full comic script for all listeners to enjoy. Patreon backers will also be able to download the comic's script and concept art.

If you were really excited about the comic, I'd also encourage you to check out Dont Cry Witch, a project by the comic's artist that only has 2-3 days left for its Kickstarter campaign!

September-October: Sticker Patreon Promotion

Finally, ALL Patreon backers in the months of September and October will receive an exclusive Xoc and Misha sticker drawn by our own Mandy Robertson and inspired by this short story written by Ari!

Xoc and Misha looking at dandelions together.

Thank you so so SO much for your support of Quest Friends! the past two years. It means the world to know that there are real, actual people who enjoy going on our adventures with us, and we're excited for going on many more with you!


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