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CANCELLED: Quest Friends is Making a Comic!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

A comic cover featuring Hop, Misha, Xoc, and Elee. It's titled "Quest Friends: The Red Hat Syndicate"

Update: Sadly, the Quest Friends comic has been cancelled. More information can be found here.

On September 20th, Quest Friends! will be launching the Kickstarter campaign for its first ever comic!

Quest Friends! The Red Hat Syndicate is a 30 page comic written by Kyle Decker and Hallie Koontz and drawn by comic artist Mandy Robertson. It follows the protagonists of the sci-fi actual play podcast Quest Friends! as they take a relaxing day off at a spa that is not what it seems. Old flames, a pirate masseuse, and a drop into a pit that removes its victims from existence itself await our heroes; are they up to the challenge?

If you're interested in Quest Friends! The Red Hat Syndicate, we'll be posting weekly Twitter updates every Saturday using the hashtag #KickstarterSaturday at

You can also check out Mandy's Kickstarter for her supernatural teen comic Dont Cry Witch at

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