• Quest Friends!

The Daemon Delivery (Halloween 2022)

Victor Daemon needs some help from the Quest Friends, and he's so excited to see them again! These are the same Quest Friends as last time, right?

Content Notes: Gross Food (57:50-58:15, 1:04:05-1:04:25), Comedic Gore (1:02:20-1:15:30), Eye Violence (1:07:55-1:08:55)

Character List: docs.google.com/document/d/1TsE9aK5pBEvkIRhFO4kHHZDdSoyk159UI4IIyr1JR6s/edit?usp=sharing

Play your own Adventure in Roulettia: questfriends.itch.io/roulettia

Listen to Graphic Novel Explorers Club: gnexplorersclub.com Victor Daemon voiced by Aaron Catano-Saez: aaroncatano-saez.com

Music Credits

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Additional Music from Motion Array: motionarray.com/

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