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We've got mugs and shirts and stuff!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Merch is something Quest Friends! has dabbled in from time to time, often limited-run and just as often at a loss. It's something we really like, but something we haven't had the capacity to manage. Luckily, thanks to a partnership with TeePublic's Podcast Partner program, we're now able to offer an array of merch, just in time for the holidays (seriously, if you want to get this as a gift for someone, get it now)!

If a regionals chant, salad raptor, or multiple Hopper Scotch shirts interest you, you can find our current designs over at

And if there's a design or type of product you'd love to see added, let us know! We’d love to expand the store with more options, but we need to make sure it’s something y’all are actually interested in, first.


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