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Welcome to our NEW website!

Hello all!

We've got a new website!

This new home for our podcast contains a lot of changes that we're really excited about:

1. Cleaner, more streamlined look. The primary goal with the new website was to make it as easy to get to high-need content as possible. While that means bonus content and old news stories are harder to find, content more directly related to the core content of the show itself (new news stories/announcements, links to multiple podcatchers, all 33+ episodes) are now all clearly accessible from the home page, with a well-defined header bar that leaves no question as to what pages hold which content. The sub-menus in the old site's header bar also wrecked havoc with screen readers, which this new menu shouldn't do.

2. Transcripts. Transcripts have been a major priority for the show, with money being spent on quality, human transcription since September. Currently, all the episodes for Questionable Measures have transcriptions, and the rest should be up by the end of February. New episodes will receive transcripts within 2 weeks of release, although by the end of February this should also change to transcripts being released on the same day as the new episodes.

3. Updated mailing list. Our old mailing lists used mailchimp, a third vendor that was difficult to keep track of, especially when releasing new episodes. We now are doing our mailing list through the website itself, with the help of the subscription bar at the bottom of every page.

4. Ease of use for newcomers. One of our big goals with the new website was for new listeners to be able to get a good idea of the show within the first minute. To facilitate this, we condensed our explanations of Quest Friends, Numenera, and actual-play podcasts onto one about page. We also added a promo clip on the first page and a complete Press Kit page!

5. An easier experience for all computers. The old website's home page had two main issues. First, half of the core cast wouldn't be visible if you were on a smaller screen (which I almost always was). Second, the high volume of moving parts meant the page took forever to load. The new website has fixed both of these issues.

Thanks for supporting the show, and we're excited to continue sharing our stories with you!


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