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Yes Chef feat. Dungeons & Drimbus

John Wick meets Hell’s Kitchen in the fourth season of Actual Play comedy podcast, Dungeons & Drimbus

This ten episode adventure of ridiculous culinary combat kicks off with a reality show competition as renowned chef Butch Orson seeks out his new sous chef and protege for the opening of his new restaurant: Pandora’s Oven

But things don’t take long to heat up, as Orson’s dark past in the world of criminal kitchens catches up to them. With all signs pointing toward the Chef’s former mafia boss somehow being behind the incident, he is forced out of retirement with the Sous Chef at his side. Listeners will quickly discover how he earned his old title: “The Devil’s Broiler” as the pair set out to recover his prized knife and discover the truth.

Like all Drimbus seasons, Yes, Chef is a standalone adventure in the Drimbus universe with full immersive sound design, big action scenes, and even bigger personalities. The cast of professional actors bring their comedy A-game, plenty of heart, and only occasional outrage at the horror inflicted on them. 

Listen to future episodes of Yes,

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