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Please enjoy the adventures of Quest Friends! Hereafter, written for you to enjoy alongside with your eyes rather than your ears! While this page only features transcripts for Hereafter, you can find the transcripts for Flashback Future and our mid-season here.

0. Welcome to the Hereafter Transcript

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your death! Not quite sure what's going on? That's common for new residents. Let's fill you in on the details.

1. An Oasis of Ghosts Transcript

A child, a journalist, and a skeleton walk into a cave...

2. Hilda's Rival Transcript

It's the first day of school! The perfect time to make new friends... and new enemies. Also, Quique deals with a bird.

3. Hilda's Rival (Part 2) Transcript

Hilda confronts an unbeatable opponent, while Quique tries the equally gargantuan task of working with himself. Also, Emily's character is finally here!

4. Bang! Bang! Transcript

The thrill of waiting in line! The drama of handling tickets! The terror of dealing with the Valley's most aggravating man! A movie's about to premiere, but before they can watch it, our players need to deal with some action-packed mundanity of their own.

5. Bang! Bang! (Part 2) Transcript

Hilda and Irene try to break into a movie. Sparky tries to break into her ex's heart.

6. Mr. Elmo's Mysterious Game Transcript

The children of the Valley take a day to figure out what adults they want to be. Unfortunately, they have to choose between Quique and Sparky.

7. Mr. Elmo's Mysterious Game (Part 2) Transcript

Everyone tries to find their way out of a nightmarish escape room for toddlers, and Hallie has the worst luck of any episode. Ever.

8. A Tag-Team Duel! Transcript

It's time for the first official duel of the Intermortal Necromon Championship! But before that can begin, Sparky has to fail at dating.

9. A Tag-Team Duel! (Part 2) Transcript

It's time for the first official duel of the Intermortal Necromon Championship! But before that can begin, Sparky has to fail at dating.

10. The Necromon Thief Transcript

It was supposed to be just another Sunday. An uneventful Sunday. The perfect Sunday. But crime waits for no man.

11. The Necromon Thief (Part 2) Transcript

Quique hunts for another missing Necromon, aided by a new detective/rival/assistant. Sparky desperately searches for a single rutabaga.

12. The Necromon Thief (Part 3) Transcript

Our two mysteries come to a close with an unexpected twist that teaches Kyle an important lesson about roleplaying the hard way.

13. Creature from the Camp Lagoon Transcript

Who doesn't love camping? You're isolated with people you don't like, the tents are impossible to set up, and... what was that shadow in the woods?

14. Creature from the Camp Lagoon (Part 2) Transcript

Hilda hunts the monster she created. Irene gets hunted by something worse.

15. Die Card Transcript

It's time for a party! ScubaCorp. Oh dear.

16. Die Card (Part 2) Transcript

Surrounded on all sides by sinister doppelgängers, it's time for Quique to die hard using an extra hand, some movies, and Irene's personal militia.

17. Die Card (Part 3) Transcript

One side riots. Another interrogates. No Quiclone is spared.

18. Die Card (Part 4) Transcript

It's time for the second showdown between Quique/Irene and Eddie/Ronda! Oh, and some other people are there too, I guess.

19. The State v. Irene Hawthorne Transcript

We reach the end of the Intermortal Necromon Championship and, if Sparky isn't careful, the world itself.

20. The State v. Irene Hawthorne (Part 2) Transcript

Who is Sammy Ester?

21. The State v. Irene Hawthorne (Part 3) Transcript

The trial begins, but more is at stake than our attorneys realize.

22. The State v. Irene Hawthorne (Part 4) Transcript

Irene's trial ends with an imposter, a song, and a Bang.

23. Cryptid Cryptids Transcript

Four cryptids. One letter. Zero sense of boundaries.

24. Cryptid Cryptids (Part 2) Transcript

After learning they're the Raveyard's main attraction, the Cryptids need to escape Yugi's balls.

25. The Siren in the Dead City Transcript

Now boarding: all passengers to the Hereafter.

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