What happens when the afterlife is only a plane ride away?

Since the dawn of time, everyone knew what happened when you died; your soul would carry over to the the Hereafter, where it would take the form of a humanoid creature, like a skeleton or ghost. And then, you know, you could just travel back to the world of the living. If you wanted.

Quest Friends! is an improvised fiction podcast where five best friends explore the fun of everyday life in a world where the realm of the dead isn't that far away. If you're a fan of The Owl House, Amphibia, or Gravity Falls, you'll be right at home with Quest Friends!

What is an "actual play?"

An "actual play" podcast is an improvised story where a group of friends describe what the main characters say and do. It's like an old-fashioned radio play, except everything is made up on the spot, and you get to hear the actors talk about what they're doing, and why.

Most actual plays use the game Dungeons and Dragons to tell their story, but since our game doesn't include dungeons OR dragons, we decided to make our own! Under the Neighborhood is a beginner-friendly roleplaying game designed specifically for Quest Friends, but you can use it to tell stories straight from your favorite cartoons, too!

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