One billion years in the future, humanity is still figuring itself out.

Things got strange after a billion years. Eight great societies rose and fell, alien visitors from across the universe found themselves Earth-bound, and sporks became the prominent form of silverware. But as much as things have changed, humanity hasn't, fumbling along from self-made crisis to crisis in the way it always has. And like it always has, humanity faces these crises with the one hope that has never died: That maybe this time, we can get it right.

If you're a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Owl House, or Castle in the Sky, be sure to listen to Quest Friends!

A robot named Shauna triumphantly holds a strand of brown hair in the air.
A young person named Jesse skips along, with a large bag of junk thrown over their shoulder.

Recommended first episodes

Quest Friends! is a single story told over multiple episodes, and, as such, we highly recommend you start listening at episode 1. However, if you'd like to jump in at a later point, here are our recommendations. All of these points are accessible for new listeners, but if you get lost, you can always read the episode summaries for the episodes that you skipped.

The Daemon Saloon (Halloween 2019)
For those who want a quick sample of the show's characters and tone.
Ep. 56: Misha's Memory, Part 1
For those who want to experience the show at its best before starting episode 1.

What is an "actual play?"

An "actual play" podcast (also known as a "real play" podcast) is a form of audio drama where the story is told collaboratively by a group of people playing a role-playing game. The specific rules vary from game-to-game. In our case, four players take on the role of a protagonist in the story, while the fifth player (known as the "Game Master"), takes on the role of every other character, playing not only the side characters that help out our protagonists and the antagonists that fight them, but the world itself.

Not every actual play is the same. Some are comedic, some serious. Some are highly edited, while others aim to simulate the feeling of being in the room with the players as they tell the story together. While Quest Friends! is often silly and many many hours are put into editing, any listener will quickly realize how close we are as friends, with emotional moments fueled by our care for the narrative and each other.

About Numenera

Numenera is a role-playing game created by Monte Cook Games. In it, players are thrust one billion years in the future, finding themselves in a fantasy world built on the ruins of eight technologically advanced societies from long, long ago (including us!). Numenera focuses on telling fast-paced stories where characters are encouraged to be as weird as they want to be. Everything is possible, so get out and start exploring already!

An image of a science fiction mountain range. In the distance, a large obelisk floats above a lake.