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Quest Friends! Press Kit

Quest Friends! is a science fantasy actual play podcast with tone and worldbuilding reminiscent of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Our narrative-heavy show utilizes the weirdness of a world one billion years in the future to create sincere stories about people today. Five best friends work together to tell the story of four soon-to-be best friends as they struggle against cutthroat CEOs, obsessive arch-nemeses, and their own emotional hangups. The episodes are highly edited, the comedy is kept good-spirited, and the puns never, ever end.

New episodes of Quest Friends! release every other Monday.


Full transcripts for each individual episode can be found on our episodes and transcripts page. They can also be downloaded through our google docs folder.

Contact Us


Patreon: questfriends

Twitter: @Quest_Friends

Facebook: QuestFriendsPodcast

Tumblr: questfriendspodcast

Mail: PO Box 97417 Phoenix, AZ 85060

Upcoming Episodes

January 17th: Girl Underground w/Emily, Part 2

January 31st: Mission: Accomplished!

February 14th: School Daze w/Hallie, Part 1

February 28th: School Daze w/Hallie, Part 2

March 8th: Season 2 Reveal Trailer

Cast & Crew

Ari Tena
Emily Strawn
Hallie Koontz

Ari Tena


Twitter: endairatena

Emily Strawn

Elee Badge

Twitter: paintedpenroses

Hallie Koontz

Hopper Scotch, Ness

Twitter: halliekoontz

Kyle Decker
Thomas Pitkin

Kyle Decker

Game Master

Twitter: deckelodeon

Thomas Pitkin


Twitter: MoviePilotLight

Music & SFX

Quest Friends! utilizes music and sound effects provided by dozens of talented artists. Our intro theme ("Friends") and outro theme ("Hitoshio") were created by Gavin from Miracle of Sound:

What are listeners saying?


"The editing is great, the goofs come naturally, and the emotional moments sneak up on you like a sucker-punch in the feels."
-It's just Johnny

"The production and care put into this show is amazing. The music is great, and the mix is wonderful. This one does it perfectly."


"[Quest Friends!] is sure to leave you with the warm fuzzies and keep you thinking about the characters like… all the time."

-Drew, The Podcast Dragon

"I would die for each one of these extremely loveable and absolutely [silly] characters."