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Quest Friends! Press Kit

Quest Friends! is an actual play podcast where five best friends explore themes of friendship and family by telling stories about over-the-top characters in absurd settings.


Our current campaign, Quest Friends! Hereafter, explores the fun of everyday life in a world where the realm of the dead isn't that far away. The episodes are highly edited, the comedy is kept good-spirited, and the puns never, ever end.

New episodes of Quest Friends! release every other Monday, but if you're listening for the first time, we recommend you start with Quest Friends! Hereafter's first episode, An Oasis of Ghosts.

Under the Neighborhood

Quest Friends! Hereafter uses the roleplaying system Under the Neighborhood. This Powered by the Apocalypse TTRPG is designed to emulate adventures from cartoons like AmphibiaThe Owl House, and Gravity Falls. It was originally designed for Quest Friends! Hereafter, but has since been expanded for commercial release.

Upcoming Episodes

June 5th: Vampire Thanksgiving

July 3rd: Welcome to Tsarvia!

August 7th: Maybelline's Summer Skatecation

September 4th: Eat Brains Love

October 2nd: Halloween Special


Full transcripts for each individual episode can be found on the episode's page or via this google docs folder. We're currently working on building up an episode backlog, so until that's done, transcripts won't become available until a month after an episode releases.

Contact Us


Patreon: questfriends

Twitter: @Quest_Friends

Facebook: QuestFriendsPodcast

Tumblr: questfriendspodcast

Mail: PO Box 97417 Phoenix, AZ 85060

Cast & Crew

Ari Tena
An image of Emily
Hallie Koontz
Kyle Decker
Thomas Pitkin

Ariadne Peñalva Tena

Aurelio Enrique "Quique" Hueso Canaca

Twitter: endairatena

Emily Decker
Irene Hawthorne 

& Booker

Twitter: paintedpenroses

Hallie Koontz

Sparky Malarkey

Twitter: halliekoontz

Kyle Decker

Game Master & Editor

Twitter: Deckelodeon

Thomas Pitkin

Hilda Miszkiewicz

Twitter: MoviePilotLight

What is our audience saying?

"The editing is great, the goofs come naturally, and the emotional moments sneak up on you like a sucker-punch in the feels."
-It's just Johnny

"This is the most Found Family AP show out there, which says a lot for a genre mostly built on found family stories."

-Eddie Feeley, Discover Pods

"[Quest Friends!] is sure to leave you with the warm fuzzies and keep you thinking about the characters like… all the time."

-Drew, The Podcast Dragon

"I would die for each one of these extremely loveable and absolutely [silly] characters."




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