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Mission: Accomplished!

Updated: Jan 31

Four strange super-spies enter a Friday office meeting. One will leave with a coveted promotion. It's up to you to decide who that is, Director.

Content Notes: Ghosts, Comical Body Horror

Character List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11XrUmyDjVZRo6b0-i4IZ7RnAJjqHGt5jkuX5KRPONd4/edit?usp=sharing

Play Mission: Accomplished! https://jeffstormer.itch.io/mission-accomplished

Listen to PONTIFACTS: Kidnap dat Pope! https://pontifacts.podbean.com/e/anniversary-special-kidnap-dat-pope-pt-1/


Alpha Tiger M Ending

Milo Popolis Ending

Plasma Pangolin Ending

Songbird McWrong Ending

Opening narration performed by Jeff Stormer

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