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What are we playing for Season 2?

The cover image for the game Under the Neighborhood. Four kids run off in search of adventure, while monsters from beneath the earth wait for them.

Earlier this week, we unveiled the trailer for Quest Friends! Hereafter, our ghost-themed second season. But we've been working on it for a while.

About a year ago, the cast and I sat down and discussed what we wanted to do for our next campaign, and we ended up landing on the idea of doing a dual-world adventure where the "other world" was the afterlife; essentially, it was Amphibia, but instead of being full of frogs, our magical world was full of corpses.

In order to bring that story to life, I started work on the roleplaying game Under the Neighborhood.

Under the Neighborhood is a Powered by the Apocalypse game designed to emulate cartoons where normal people travel between a world that resembles our own and a much more magical world. The system does this by having players suggest Slice of Life complications at the beginning of each session. Some ones I've seen used are "the coffee machine is broken," "a woodpecker won't leave someone's house," and "[character] is stuck in the car wash." We then apply these simple complications onto our magical world, and VIOLA! Suddenly, the players find themselves facing off against the Coffee King, Lord of all Things Caffeinated.

But just because we're doing a new system doesn't mean we've completely abandoned Numenera; I don't think we could give up Cypher System if we tried! Instead, we've carried over a lot of our favorite mechanics. GM Intrusions? XP (now renamed AP)? Both are back! Most notably, though, in addition to getting a Playbook, each PC also gets their own Descriptor, which is an additional hyper-specific aspect to that character that comes with its own Move.

If you're interested in Under the Neighborhood, it's available right now at, and it should be available on DriveThruRPG in the next few days, too! In addition to the core rulebook, we've got a handful of free community copies, as well as a Demo Version that features the characters and world of Quest Friends! Hereafter.

Happy Adventuring!


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