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6. Mr. Elmo's Mysterious Game

Updated: 7 days ago

The children of the Valley take a day to figure out what adults they want to be. Unfortunately, they have to choose between Quique and Sparky.

Content Notes: Volume (20:05-20:20, 29:05-29:35)

Character List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vhLjOvThxjGOvXL029V9kuQC-iXP6-7-AXeO9aW-gmM/edit?usp=sharing

Transcript: questfriendspodcast.com/items/6.-mr.-elmo's-mysterious-game-transcript

Listen to Worst Movies Ever Played: https://worstmovieseverplayed.com/

Music Credits

"Quest Friends! Hereafter Theme" by Miles Morkri: https://twitter.com/milesmorkri

"Cash Register" by kiddpark (license): https://freesound.org/people/kiddpark/sounds/201159/

Additional Music from Motion Array: https://motionarray.com/

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