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Don't Be Like Dunshire (Ch. 3 Promo)

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

TRANSCRIPT (Downloadable Version):


Quest Friends Theater Presents:

[Trumpet fanfare blares out.]


Don’t Be Like Dunshire, a Children’s Poem. Written and performed by Lorraine Stiles.

[Whimsical music begins.]

Kyle (as Lorraine Stiles)

Deep in the Steadfast lies a town made of glass,

With a people so fragile they deserve a hard pass.

Sure it looks nice and shiny, with cute girls and cute boys,

Who stand straight to attention with adorable poise.

But it’s all a façade, a most terrible ruse.

No, don’t be like Dunshire, if you’re able to choose.

Don’t be like Dunshire and tell secrets and lies,

And hide your hard feelings behind fake, plastic smiles.

Don’t be like Dunshire and waste all your time

On silly sideshows that don’t earn a dime.

Don’t be like Dunshire and hide all alone

As if the whole world were some deadly death zone.

No, don’t be like Dunshire. Don’t be like Dumpshire.

Don’t be like Dunshire. It deserves utmost ire.

Now that being said, it isn’t all bad:

Even Dunshire has some joys to be had.

And like a sweet bunny rabbit, but 10 times more smart,

He’ll hop, hop, hop, hop, his way into your heart.

But oh, no, oh woe! One day he’ll fail too,

And leave you all bored with nothing to do.

But don’t be like Dunshire, give him a fresh chance

To pull up those bootstraps and join one last dance.

He might not deserve it, you might want to stray,

But you’re his best friend and you can’t go away.

So instead let him know though not where or when

No fear, Hopper Scotch, I’ll see you again.


Quest Friends Chapter Three: Questionable Measures, will be premiering on Monday, July 9. You can subscribe for updates on future episodes at, or under Quest Friends on your favorite podcasting app. Be sure to sign up so you can receive the latest episodes as soon as they are released. After all, you don’t want to keep her waiting.

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