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NPC Showdown 2020!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


Last year, in the spirit of March Madness, Quest Friends! ran our first annual NPC Showdown, where all of our side characters fought for an entire month for the public's heart. In the end, Soe barely came out ahead of both Loell and Mauve, but with a new year's worth of characters to contend with, can she keep her lead?

Starting Sunday, March 1st at 5 PM CDT, we'll be putting up polls on our twitter account, where users can vote for the NPC they like most! After each round of voting, we'll update this webpage with the results and our "professional" commentary. For the qualifier round, two pairs of NPCs will compete each day, with 24 hours allowed for voting, but as time goes on, matches will get even longer, giving you time to fight for your fave!

This year's contestants are comprised of high scorers from last season, new characters from Crime and Courtship, and two contestants chosen by our Patreon subscribers (PB&J and Chitters). You may notice that Ness is not part of this list. This is because Ness is neither a full PC nor a full NPC, and it didn't feel quite right to put him on this list. Also, he already stuffed the ballot boxes before voting even began, despite numerous pleas to stop.

But what's a tournament without good, old-fashioned custom brackets? While you're waiting for the qualifiers to begin, download our printable bracket, fill it out with your faves, then share the result to the world using the hashtag #NPCshowdown.

We'll see you at the polls!


Final Round (37 Votes): Sera Brackleberry Wins! (27% Rei, 73% Sera )

"Sera was really excited until she learned she doesn't actually get anything for winning." -Kyle

"My money has always been on Sera." -Tom

"[a single joyous tear]" -Hallie

"My wonderful foul-mouthed gremlin daughter <3" -Emily


First Round (15 Votes): Rei Wins! (27% Jesse, 73% Rei Brackleberry)

"My lady love! ...but this means that the final will be so sad." -Emily

Second Round (15 Votes): Sera Wins! (40% Everett, 60% Sera Brackleberry)

"MY LOVE" -Hallie

"Y e p this is fine

There is no good way for me to vote" -Emily

"This is the best case scenario." -Kyle


First Round: Jesse Wins! (28% Shannon Iggins, 22% L'Adrien, 50% Jesse)

"[Sigh]" -Hallie

Second Round (19 Votes): Rei Wins! (63% Rei Brackleberry, 37% Vespari)


Third Round (24 Votes): Everett Wins! (46% Inspector Cecilos, 54% Everett)

"I am thoroughly impressed with how close so many of these polls have been." -Kyle

Fourth Round (37 Votes): Sera Wins! (73% Sera Brackleberry, 27% Soe Badge)

"THE FINAL CHAMPION HAS FALLEN also holy crap look at all of those votes" -Kyle

"Sera hype" -Tom


First Round (18 Votes): Shannon Wins! (39% Mauve Rodirarche, 61% Shannon Iggins)


"OH MY GOD SHE BEAT A LAST YEAR FINALIST! OHMGHEHEHEE (but also I am SO PLEASED because Shannon deserves this)" -Ari

"Is Quest Friends secretly the side series to Cookie Crew?" -Tom


Second Round (20 Votes): L'Adrien and Jesse Tie! (50% L'Adrien, 50% Jesse)

"I don't know what to think" -Hallie

"I couldn't decide between the two of them, so I don't blame y'all." -Kyle

Third Round (22 Votes): Rei Wins! (55% Rei Brackleberry, 45% Loell)


"What a puzzle (it's not)." -Hallie

"WHAT" -Ari

Fourth Round (21 Votes): Vespari Wins! (48% Karl Badge, 52% Vespari)

"On the one hand I would have loved to see people have to vote between Rei and Karl. On the other hand I voted for Vespari so the fact that this did not happen is probably my fault." -Ari

"I'm proud of Vespari. He deserves this." -Kyle

“Thank you for not making me choose between my husband and my girlfriend.” -Emily

Fifth Round (24 Votes): Inspector Cecilos Wins! (67% Cecilos, 33% Q-BO)

"Look at MY SON!" -Ari

Sixth Round (19 Votes): Everett Wins! (16% Mako, 84% Everett)

"Oddly, Mako is ecstatic about this result, while Everett appears to be more upset than anyone else." -Kyle

Seventh Round (25 Votes): Sera Wins! (16% Charlotte N., 84% Sera Brackleberry)

"I can't afford to have any thoughts on this." -Hallie

Eighth Round (23 Votes): Soe Wins! (13% Meeghan, 87% Soe)

"It should never have come to this." -Emily

"Soe may have won, but everyone lost." -Kyle


First Round (15 Votes): Mauve Wins! (67% Mauve, 33% Chitters)

"[sadly shakes head]" - Hallie

Second Round (15 Votes): Shannon Wins! (53% Shannon Iggins, 47% Sir Kentrim, Esq.)

"Sir Kentrim just can't win anything, can he?" -Kyle


Third Round (15 Votes): L'Adrien Wins! (47% Madeline Jefferjames, 53% L'Adrien)

"NO. NO. FUCKING NO. THAT LITTLE WANNABE WON OUT MADELINE JEFFERJAMES?Madeline, kicking over one table while simultaneously flipping another: 'A.LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEX'" -Hallie

"A.Lex sends a paper airplane with the word 'HA!' to Madeline, all while smirking in the background and sipping some damn good wine." -Ari Fourth Round (16 Votes): Jesse Wins! (75% Jesse, 25% Mayra Frankmanning the Fourth)

"Mayra is still a winner in the eyes of her dad Frankmanning Frankmanning THE THIRD, PhD." - Ari

Fifth Round (16 Votes): Rei Brackleberry Wins! (56% Rei, 44% Anastasia)


Sixth Round (19 Votes): Loell Wins! (74% Loell, 26% Vera)

"Brain boy best boy" -Ari

"Calling it now: just like last year, Loell will make it to the finale, only to be defeated yet again." -Kyle

Seventh Round (15 Votes): Karl Badge Wins! (33% The Lady with Cinnabar Lips, 67% Karl Badge)

"And STAY OUT! [hugs MISHA closer] ...please?" -Ari

"Thank you for not making me watch Karl die again." -Emily

Eighth Round (17 Votes): Vespari Wins! (76% Vespari, 24% Lorraine Stiles)

"YOU GO WIZLUIGI (aka wizard Waluigi)" -Ari

"Ah yes good the right choice." -Hallie


Ninth Round (20 Votes): Inspector Cecilos Wins! (15% Virgule, 85% Cecilos)

"My boy deserves this triumph supported by overwhelming evidence." -Ari

Tenth Round (17 Votes): Q-BO Wins! (12% Sunny, 88% Q-BO)

"Yeah he rolled away with it." -Hallie

Eleventh Round (23 Votes): Mako Wins! (30% The Blue Fairy, 70% Mako)

"YUSSSSS" -Hallie

"I gotta say, I'm feeling blue about this result, if you get my drift." -Ari

Twelfth Round (19 Votes): Everett Wins! (100% Everett, 0% Professor Goldstone)

"Not a single vote. I would judge but I also didn't vote for him so..." -Ari

"NOT. ONE." -Kyle

"Goldstone's performance is almost as bad as his teaching methods." -Hallie

Thirteenth Round (15 Votes): Charlotte N. Wins! (47% Poppy, "Black Eyed" Susan, and Jonquil, 53% Charlotte N.)

"Charlotte, taking a peppermint stick out of her pocket: 'Winning's only worth it if there's some sport in it.'" -Hallie

"A.Lex: 'Proud of you, kid.' [tries to look exceptionally cool]" -Ari


Fourteenth Round (26 Votes): Sera Wins! (81% Sera Brackleberry, 19% The Zhev)

"Good" -Hallie

Fifteenth Round (20 Votes): Meeghan Wins! (90% Meeghan, 10% Captain Jebediah Ishmael)

"[Thumbs up]" -Everyone

Sixteenth Round (21 Votes): Soe Wins! (62% Soe, 38% Misha's Scarf)

"YOU WILL ALL REGRET THIS. Just wait a few more months." -Ari

"It's true." -Kyle

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