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Welcome to Quest Friends!

Adventure! Suspense! Romance? Quest Friends is a Numenera actual-play podcast chronicling the adventures of five friends in a sci-fi fantasy land ONE BILLION years in the future!

Once every other week, all five of us get together and improvise a story, which we then edit to share with you! Our adventures may take us from a mining town with an unnatural affinity for its new guests to a bureaucratic mess of a city built on a giant anthill, but these stories always contain good-natured, friendship-focused fun!

If you're interested in trying us out for the first time, we suggest starting at "Hop's Memory," a self-contained two-part flashback that tells the story of how the vigilante accountant Hopper Scotch became the hero he is today! Other good episodes are "The Clockwork City, Part 2" and "Turingtown, Part 4." Or, heck, just catch up on "The Story So Far" and jump in wherever you'd like!

We're excited that you've taken the time to check out our website today, and hope to be able to adventure with you for many years to come!

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